The Vice Golf Philosophy


We’re always striving for perfection. Our mission? To deliver top-tier golf gear that unlocks your true potential on the course.


We refuse to fork out millions on tour player sponsorships, preferring to have our gear do the talking and keep prices low. We’re here to make golf accessible, injecting tour-quality golf gear into every golfer’s game.


It's a philosophy we act out in everything we do. It means giving all types of players, from rookies to local legends, the chance to vibe on the fairways with gear that’s packed with personality and style. Play the game you love the way you want.


Launched to fairways on 12.12.12 by Ingo Düllman and Rainer Stöckl, Vice Golf was founded in Munich, Germany with one aim: to revolutionize the golf industry.

It took balls to get where we are today.

As the first-ever DTC golf ball brand, we engineered top-quality Cast Urethane balls as good as anything else on the greens and sold them at a fraction of the price compared to heritage brands. This new market approach helped challenge legacy brands and provide quality alternatives.

We design everything down to a tee.

After establishing ourselves as a favorite on fairways around the world, we expanded, growing into an all-round golf brand with a range of quality gear, from apparel to accessories, all made with the same eye for detail as the classic ball range.